Shept – Data grid based Web Apps with Spring and Hibernate

Shept – Data grid based Web Apps with Spring and Hibernate

Build complex web form data entry applications based on data grids rapidly with spring and hibernate. As a mainly server-side approach it offers close integration and can easily be used to create new web apps or add administrative features to your existing ones.

Shept is a library meant to make development of data entry web applications easier by introducing data grids for data entry as a primary input element. It allows the concatenation of those elements in a simple fashion inspired by what used to be a standard in 4GL tools for building client server apps in the 90’s.

In technical terms shept is a thin layer closely integrated with the spring framework and hibernate. As such it is also a documentation project about building data centric web applications with these major opens source projects and provides templates and online demo applications to give you a quick start.

Shept is short for

  • Spring The core application building java toolset
  • Hibernate The core object relational layer and toolset
  • Eclipse as the development environment
  • Postgres as the industry strength open source database
  • Tomcat as the industry standard web application server

All of these are Open Source heavy weights with a long history and huge reputation in the world of Open Source Development frameworks and Tools. They are widely used and heavily documented and all have a large community of enthusiastic supporters worldwide.

Shept has been under development since 2007. It started as a proprietary library and is used in a couple custom web projects so far. Although it introduces new concepts it is more a pragmatic than a generic solution and its APIs are considered to be stable to a large extent.

Use cases

  • Migrate any legacy data driven project (e.g. ‘client server’) into the web
  • Migrate any kind of vendor specific data driven project to Open Source
  • Merge into your existing Spring-Hibernate project for RAD features
  • Building administrative frontends to community projects
  • Creating data entry wizards


Shept picks up the tradition of 4GL frameworks which were commonly used for building Client-Server applications.
It offers decent capabilities for data-handling in tables (data-grids). Beeing a thin layer on top and a close integration into todays popular web application building tools Spring and Hibernate it is as well a concept as a toolset and a framework.

  • Data Grids
  • Layout composition
  • Business objects lifecycle support
  • Comprehensive Data Source Coverage
  • Segment chaining and reuse
  • Validation and Error Handling

Hope you will like this for small web apps. Cheers… 🙂