Checkstyle in Eclipse


This article will describe the usage of the Checkstyle plugins for Eclipse.

1. Checkstyle

Checkstyle checks if the Java code is according to certain standards hence ensuring a certain quality of the coding.

2. Checkstyle

   2.1.  Overview

Checkstyle is a tool to help ensuring that your Java code adheres to a set of coding standards

   2.2.  Installation Update site for the Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin.

If you developing with Eclipse, make sure to select the Sun Conventions (Eclipse) under Window -> Preferences -> Checkstyle. Press the “Set as Default” after selecting the right entry.

2.3. Configuration

You can turn of certain checks. If you change settings from the standard profile you should always make a copy of the existing profile.

To customizine your check, first make a copy of the checks

Select your new configuration and press Configure. De-activate for example the checks for Javadoc Comments.

Make this new setting your default one.

2.4.  Using common Checkstyle rules for teams

For teams it is good to follow the same coding style rules.

The Eclipse checkstyle plugin allows this by proving a remote site for the checkstyle settings.

Press new in the settings. Select “Remote Configuration”. Give the rule set a description and then type in the URL you want to use for the settings.

Make this new setting your default one.

2.5.  Using Checkstyle in your projects

Make your new profile the default one.

You need to activate the Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin for your project. Right click on your project and search for Checkstyle. Select the checkbox “Checkstyle active for this project”.

You can use the checkstyle browser view to display the violations.

Hope it will help you. Cheers… 🙂