Struts 2 Framework

In software development process no framework is excellent or best. Although a better approach to structuring all the components such as objects, resources and the most importation part is managing them over the time of development of application or even after the product is released. It seems a too much expectation with a virtual world ;) .

Struts 2 framework has almost all the capabilities to handle starting from a small application which can be opted as quick as possible and Also got strong based on which developers like us can created almost enterprise level applications. Stuts framework is based on MVC approach. I must share with .NET people that the ASP.NET MVC 3 not even near about Struts 2. I knew there are many .net lover’s in market as I was. But let me tell you struts 2 framework has much more capabilities than mvc.

The conclusion: I am not here to list you folks the advantages of struts over nor pit falls.

Struts 2 framework automate the common tasks and provides a platform for the users to build applications quickly. Struts 2 is based on the OpenSymphony Web Works Framework. Struts 2 framework implements the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. Struts 1.x was the first world class and very simple implementation of MVC pattern. Although As I said there is no framework which is the best or complete framework. Struts 1.x was too popular and adapted by various developer. And then the inventor of Struts framework come up with a new version of framework i.e. Struts 2.

Now, as I have already created so much virtual comment over Sturts 2. Let’s roll further and get in to basic terms about struts 2 framework based on Model View and Controller design pattern.

Note: For all those who have not worked with MVC design pattern. I would recommend that you should do the google for understanding the pattern.


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